EATRIS.nlEuropean Infrastructure for Translational Medicine - NL national node


Prof. Gerrit Meijer
Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL UTRECHT
Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam VUMC

EATRIS is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) created for translational medicine. The goal of EATRIS is to defragment the substantial European efforts in translational research. Our mission is to improve the productivity of the translational R&D pipeline by providing high-quality research services. We assist both public and private research entities. EATRIS is a key player in the biomedical innovation spectrum with a network of over 100 leading research institutions in thirteen European countries. We accelerate and de-risk the path to clinical proof of concept for promising drugs and diagnostics as we link multi-disciplinary expertise, facilities and patient resources. EATRIS also creates partnerships with key-stakeholder for the validation and introduction of novel tools to support R&D. The Dutch national EATRIS node is to be embedded in Health-RI.

EATRIS-NL is the Dutch national node of EATRIS-ERIC (European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine - European Research Infrastructure Consortium), which is a large distributed RI that encompasses more than 100 research institutes in 13 European countries. Recognised as one of the European Strategy Forum on RIs (ESFRI) landmarks since 2016 , EATRIS’ mission is to support researchers in translating their biomedical discoveries into novel research tools and patient interventions for better health outcomes in society. Boasting strong academic capabilities and a growing user community , EATRIS’ ambition is to be the leading European infrastructure serving academia, industry and patient communities for the global advancement of translational medicine.
To enable researchers to accelerate the translation of their discoveries into products and interventions for patients efficiently, EATRIS is structured to facilitate the interdisciplinary, team science approach essential to successful translation, by bringing together laboratory, clinical, industrial, legal and regulatory expertise.
EATRIS is constructed as a hub (coordination office, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and spoke (national nodes) distributed infrastructure. EATRIS member institutions are organised across technology-oriented platforms , that reflect the “bench-to-bedside-and-back” translational approach, i.e. from discovery to patient and patient to discovery. Each EATRIS platform gathers academic teams with complementary expertise (analytical technologies, biological mechanisms, clinical research, among others) and provides access to a wide range of facilities. They work together to support early decision-making and de-risking of research projects, with a focus on safe and efficient progression into clinical development. These technology platforms (Biomarkers, Imaging & Tracing, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, Small Molecules, Vaccines), critical for the preclinical development of novel drugs, represent one of the strong assets of EATRIS.

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