dr.ir. Dolf Straathof
Bornsesteeg 48, 6708 PC Wageningen
Wageningen University, Wageningen Research

Modern greenhouses of 15.000 m2 with 150 independently computer controlled compartments (16, 32, 64, 96, 144,192, 384 m2), water/nutrient management and greenhouse climate (temperature, humidity, CO2, artificial light/screens). High containment Unit (PKM-III), nematode lab and inoculation and incubation facilities. 50 computer controlled climate rooms for plant growth, 15 climate rooms for insect studies, 25 climate cabinets and 20 cold/freeze stores.
250 ha of grounds (clay, peat, sand) with high homogeneity levels. Field experiment and commercial crop equipment. Processing facilities with seed cleaning, root rinsing, drying and grinding equipment and technical workshop. Mushroom cultivation rooms and bee laboratory. 55 experts on plant and crop cultivation.

85 closed greenhouse compartments with air condition, entrance lock, artificial light, CO2 and RV control. 22 Insect research compartments, 54 PKM-II and 9 PKM-III containment level compartments, indoor autoclave.
65 greenhouse compartments with ventilation windows, artificial light, screens, CO2 and RV control. Cultivation in soil, on floor, tablets, substrate gutters and hydroponics.
Computer controlled water/nutrient management including heat sterilization and 16 recipes at the same time.
Nematode lab, inoculation and incubation facilities and processing area including equipment.
50 temperature controlled climate rooms with artificial light (dimmable LED, SON-T, HPI-T, TL), CO2, RV and water/nutrient management. Containment levels up to PCM-II.
15 climate rooms for insect studies including processing area and equipment.
25 temperature (+5°C / +35°C) controlled climate cabinets with artificial light and RV control.
20 cold/freeze stores (-18°C / +20°C).

250 ha of homogeneous soil (clay, peat, sand) including organic.
Field experiment equipment such as Haldrup sower, grain and grass harvester, slurry injector, soil sample equipment, corn chopper and small tractors.
Commercial field crop equipment all GPS guided, transportation vehicles, cars, etc.
Dry/heating systems and plant product storage.
Processing facilities with seed cleaning, root rinsing, drying and grinding equipment.
Technical workshop, Mushroom cultivation rooms and Bee laboratory.

All plant related research is possible with the available infrastructure. Focus on agriculture, horticulture, plant breeding, genetics, biosystematics, plant diseases (fungi, insects, nematodes, virus), plant and crop science, plant physiology, molecular and cell biology, organic farming, soil biology, forest management, nature conservation, ecology, biophysics, food chemistry, farm technology, meteorology, animal nutrition, Bioprocess engineering, sea farming, hydrology, etc.

Unifarm will renew all its greenhouse facilities in the 2019-2027 period. In 2019, the high containment greenhouse was build consisting of 63 greenhouse compartments. 54 compartments are scaled up at PKM-II and 9 at PKM-III level. 17 compartments are suitable for quarantine tests. The greenhouse is equipped with 76 air handling units for optimum climate control. In 2020 the Insect Greenhous was renewed consisting 22 compartments. Renewing the cultivation greenhouses Serre Green and Serre Yellow, 22 climate rooms and the facilities at the organic farm Droevendaal are in development. All new facilities will be heated and cooled using heat-cold storage. Natural gas will no longer be used, only electricity.

The Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre (NPEC) module 4 (climate rooms), 5 (greenhouse) and 6 (open field) is hosted at Unifarm. Climate rooms, greenhouse compartments, field vehicles and drones are equipped with camera systems to be able to measure plants morphologically and physiologically in changing climate conditions.

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