VRE-CITVirtual Research Environment by Center for Information Technology


Drs. Marijke Verheij
Nettelbosje 2, 9747 AA Groningen
Center for Information Technology and partners

Based in the North of the Netherlands, the Center for Information Technology (CIT) at the University of Groningen is a leading international center in the field of IT. Decades of experience in providing a robust infrastructure to researchers enables us to deliver innovative solutions and a solid basis to work on. Our research support has a data centric approach with a high-end infrastructure and a multidisciplinary data science support team. Together with researchers we create a tailormade Virtual Research Environment based on flexible building blocks: high end scalable HPC clusters, state of the art data storage facilities, three data centers, excellent access from the national academic network, research data management services (e.g. iRODS), virtual research workspace and data visualization facilities. Large national and international projects such as LOFAR (astronomy, big data) and Lifelines (medical, sensitive data) rely on our secure data infrastructures.

The CIT expertise and infrastructure consists of several building blocks. The focal point of expertise of the CIT is big data and sensitive data. Together with researchers we can create a tailormade Virtual Research Environment.

We offer:
1. A secure Virtual Research Environment enabling scientists access to a tailor made virtual IT environment to access, organize and analyse their data and communicate with fellow researchers. Our reliable, innovative and fast data analysis environment considerably lightens the burden of work for researchers. For example, the Lifelines Biobank uses our Virtual Research Workspace.
2.Three fully equipped data centers with a total capacity of 1100 m2 with abundant (partially green) power provisioning (>1MW capacity). A new state of the art (HPC-) data center will be ready in 2021.
3. Excellent access (100 Gbps) from the national academic network (SURF), with the possibility of using high speed light paths for dedicated services.
4. State of the art, on line and near line, data storage facilities including protocols for secure research data storage.
5. Several high end and scalable HPC clusters including support.
6. Facilities and expertise on data visualization. For example, we have a reality theater, a 3D cave and a VR/AR lab.
7. Our multidisciplinary data science team helps researchers gain and analyse data and develop tools for data science.

The CIT focuses on collaboration with other knowledge institutions and service providers. We actively participate in collaboration platforms such as SURF, LCRDM, NPOS, Health-RI and EOSC. Large national and international projects such as LOFAR, Euclid, Glimps, and Lifelines host significant parts of their data in one of the data centres of the CIT.

In summary, we facilitate research with our innovative and reliable IT and data solutions.

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