NMR and RN labNationaal Meetnet Radioactiviteit en Radionuclidenlaboratorium


Drs. Cobi de Boer
Antonie van Leeuwenhoeklaan 9, 3721 MA Bilthoven

The National Radioactivity Network and the radionuclide laboratory have a unique and essential role in the Netherlands to monitor the environment and the nuclear industry in the Netherlands, and to protect the safety of the Dutch citizens from radiation hazards during accidents. The facilities comprise several measuring stations that monitor radiation levels 24 hours a day, and an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory equipped for doing a wide range of tests.

The aims of the NMR and the RN lab are:
• To detect radiation incidents
• To determine the level and developments of radioactivity during incidents and to assess the impact on public health
• To provide information and advice to the (local) authorities during crisis and to help develop measures to protect society
• To monitor the environmental radiation in the Netherlands and to determine its developments over time
• To assess the discharge of radionuclides by Dutch industry, to air and water
• To serve as reachback for the Dutch governmental bodies in need of radioactivity measurements and assessments (e.g. the inspectorate and customs departments, if consumer goods containing radioactivity are found)

The locations of the alfa, beta and gamma measuring stations are dispersed over the country. The radionuclide laboratory is located in Bilthoven, where air dust and deposition (mainly rain water) are collected 24 hours a day, and checked for alfa, beta and gamma radiation on a weekly basis.

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