CISCenter for Image Sciences


Prof. dr. Peter Luijten
Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht
Princess Maxima Center

The Center for Image Sciences, listed as large scale research infrastructure on the 2016 landscape, is an advanced infrastructure built around high precision imaging and therapy guidance. Several imaging platforms are available:(ultra high field) magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy for structural, functional and metabolic imaging, spectral CT, MRI guided high intensity focused ultrasound for tissue ablation and localized, targeted drug delivery, MRI guided surgery, MRI at the NICU (neonatal imaging), MRI guided radiotherapy (photon & proton therapy), integrated MRI-PET for detection and characterization of localized disease and image guided radio embolization’s. The CIS represents the most comprehensive technology center encompassing all multi-disciplinary capabilities for imaging research, imaging technology development and image analysis (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, medicine).

Available equipment:
1. 7T platform, including multi-transmit capabilities, multi-nuclear capabilities
Current Research:
World leading in first in man research in the area of technology development to study pathophysiology of cerebral small vessel disease (stroke, aneurysms, vascular dementia), ALS, schizophrenia, breast-, prostate-, brain-, upper and lower GI cancer, cardio vascular imaging (atherosclerosis, fibrosis), regenerative imaging (stem cell therapy for cartilage and myocardial muscle repair, valve replacements)
Future investments:
Expanding 7T capabilities (metabolism), based on a unique (world's first) small footprint home-built 7T platform
2. MR guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (MR-HIFU) (State of the art MRI (1.5T) guided HIFU)
Current Research:
World leading in technology development of MR-HIFU ablations of breast cancer lesions
Future Investments:
Infrastructure for local, targeted drug delivery (thermo-sensitive liposomal drug delivery, brain-blood barrier disruption), drug delivery by blood-brain distortions (dedicated MRI-HIFU combinations) and local histotripsy applications for immune-modulation to tumor biology and checkpoint inhibition.
3. MR guided radiotherapy:Three MRI – linear accelerator platforms for real time, MR guided, adaptive radiotherapy applications; one platform fully dedicated to research
Current Research:
The CIS is world leading in MR guided external beam radiation treatments. In combining (real time) MRI and external beam radiation the center is second to none.
Future Investments:
Extending MR guidance into the field of MR guided proton therapy. Design of an experimental MRI guided proton therapy system. Clinical evaluation of such a system within the PMC setting in collaboration with leading industry.
4. MRI-PET (Under development)
Current Research:
With its unique knowledge on MR based, 4D (spatial & temporal resolution) real time conformational studies, MR tissue contrast, combined with new PET tracer capabilities beyond FDG only (e.g. 68Ga-PSMA), the CIS is optimally positioned for the further development and exploration of a fully integrated MRI-PET platform. The uniqueness of the CIS applications will reside in the full incorporation of the MRI-PET based sciences towards therapeutic applications.
Future Investments:
MRI-PET platform for guidance of therapy, based on a 1.5T MRI system (which will discriminate this system from all other currently available MRI-PET systems)
5. Hybrid SPECT-X-ray
Current Research:
Home built SPECT-X-ray scanner (Platform to develop innovative image guided (targeted) tumor treatments)
6. MRI guidance in surgery and surveillance: equipment under construction
Current Research:
In collaboration with the Princess Maxima Center the CIS will host an MRI system that will be integrated with a (neuro)surgery suite for better delineation and characterization of (pediatric)brain tumors and epileptic foci. There are plans being made to also invest in a MRI system that will be integrated in the NICU to better study and treat neonatal pathology.
Future Investments:
7. Preclinical Imaging :Two horizontal bore state of the art animal MRI scanners (7.0 & 9.4T), HD-CCD camera for optical imaging in small animals, small animal TMS system
Current research:
Preclinical neurosciences (stroke, small vessel disease, epilepsy, neural networks in health and disease, neuroplasticity, brain stimulation)
Future investments:
- Optical coherence tomography for microvascular imaging
8. Radio-nuclide laboratory equipment
Current research:
Development of several new targeted radio-nuclides for theranostic purposes
Future investments:
GMP laboratory for theranostics

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