CBCHCohort and Biobank Coordination HUB


Prof. dr. Wim Timens
Hanzeplein 1, 9713 GZ Groningen
University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen

The Cohort and Biobank Coordination HUB (CBCH) is an initiative the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). The UMCG harbours over 100 different cohort studies and biobanks. The CBCH will encompass all these long-term existing data- and biobanks with accompanying large data storage options and workspace, facilitating big data analysis, incl. artificial intelligence. The CBCH focuses on facilitating large scale analysis of epidemiological and clinical data with extensive possibilities of multi-omics measurements . Under the overarching main focus of the UMCG of Healthy Aging, the major disease/biological areas are the main areas in chronic diseases, cancer and transplant medicine with main attention areas for prevention and personalized treatment. The CBCH will also include population-based research and work in close connection with the well-known Groningen LifeLines facility.

Extensive data and biomaterials related to long-term cohorts of specific patient groups and in population-based and biobank studies are available. Well-known Groningen Biobank/cohort studies are LifeLines, Vlagtwedde-Vlaardingen, PREVEND, GIANTT and TRAILS. Clinical biobanks have been given a boost by the participation of the UMCG in the Parelsnoer Institute (PSI) of the NFU.

The envisioned infrastructure provides Governance of UMCG cohorts facility and stimulates the unlocking and use of the existing cohorts to internal and external collaborators. The infrastructure will be developed around the following themes.
- The basic support for UMCG cohorts in terms of documentation, legislation, practical execution, contracts, privacy.
- Harmonising procedures, underlying meta data, data management systems, questionnaires, testing and sample processing procedures,
- Each cohort will have its own FAIR catalogue; meta‚Äźdata whenever possible open
- A UMCG cohorts catalog available for the outside world;
- Data management and data management for cohorts
- Linked to Health-RI, BBMRI networks and Research-IT program

Facilities, expertise and experience is available on all methodological aspects of cohort and biobank research (e.g. research design, bioinformatics, bio-imaging, laboratory processes, statistics, on legal and regulatory affairs and on quality and privacy). In addition, the UMCG invested in facilities for biobank research, especially large-scale ICT facilities and long-term storage of biomaterials. In November 2012, the Board established the UMCG Biobank Regulations, that provide rules and guidelines for the collection, storage and use of human tissue and associated data from patients in the UMCG.
Extensive facilities are available to support the CBCH, see https://www.umcg.nl/EN/Research/Researchers/Facilities/Paginas/default.aspx

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